Reynolds named president

Quatez Scott
Staff Writer

Jim Reynolds

The search for a college president is over—and the college community didn’t have to look very far, in fact, only just down the hall.

Former Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Jim Reynolds, will now be taking over as president of the college. During the search, Jim was assigned to the position of interim-president.

“Jim Reynolds has a strong academic background, excellent leadership skills, a strong commitment to Wilmington and a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities which the College faces.  He also has broad support from many college constituents. I think he will be an excellent president for Wilmington College,” said Stan Cain, the chairman of the search committee.

Challenges and opportunities are exactly what the college will be facing. At the top of the list: the recruitment and retention of students. Statistics over the last five years show a steady decrease in the number of students who choose to attend, as well as the number of students who choose to stay. Another challenge will be discovering exactly what strategies or programs to implement in order to retain the student body.

WC Junior Katie Linder may have a solution to these problems. “I think one of the problems Jim needs to fix is bringing more money into this college so that we can actually afford to fix the problems we have without raising tuition,” said Linder.

According to Reynolds, he was able to gain meaningful experience during his recent fundraising efforts, connecting with alumni and spreading the news about what makes the college unique.

“I was a first generation college student, and what I learned from that experience is the value — and necessity — of a liberal education,” he said. “Wilmington College serves our students and society exceptionally well.”

Reynolds begins his term as president today.


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