Wilmington drops wrestling, Olympics to dismiss as well

A.J. Ganger

In 2012, the winter Olympic Games took place in London, England. In wrestling, the oldest Olympic sport, one man by the name of Jordan Burroughs was determined to walk into London and destroy his competition. After winning national championships at the University of Nebraska, his new goal was to win Olympic gold.

Many wrestlers view the Olympics as being the highest level one can go, as there is no professional league. Burroughs was so determined to win gold that he used the phrase “all I see is gold” as his twitter handle.

Athletes like Kurt Angle who went into the 1992 Olympic Games in Atlanta and won his gold medal with a broken neck. Cael Sanderson, who went 159-0 and won four national championships in his college career at Iowa State went on to win his Olympic gold in the  2004 Olympic Games in Greece. There are many men in the sport of wrestling who have been able to achieve greatness after high school and college by going to the Olympics and winning medals. Burroughs was no exception, as he did exactly what he set out to do—win a gold medal. Shortly after the 2012 games concluded the International Olympic Committee decided to no longer have wrestling as a part of the Olympic Games starting in 2020.

“A tragedy has happened the IOC wants to get rid of the Olympics” said Burroughs after he found out about the decision.

Meanwhile here on the Wilmington College campus, wrestling also ceased to exist as a sport in 2011 when lacrosse was then introduced as a new sport to be brought to the campus.

Now the singlet from the only national champion in the sport of wrestling that hangs up in Hermann Court means nothing anymore. I remember visiting this school just a little over two years ago and seeing that singlet hanging there thinking to myself how great would it be if one day mine would be there too, but now we will never know. Even if it wasn’t me, but someone else who saw that singlet and thought the same thing I did will never be able to know that feeling.

This past march I attended the Ohio State wrestling championship to watch my little brother compete in the tournament. I got to witness him win his first state championship. Throughout the entire tournament there were “save wrestling” banners hanging up all around the arena. The next representative for the United States in the sport of wrestling was in attendance at this tournament. As of right now he will compete in the last Olympic Games wrestling matches in 2016. Wrestling not only needs to be saved for the sake of the Olympics, but also here at Wilmington College. Wrestling needs to be brought back as an intercollegiate sport allowing those who want to participate to go and win a Division III national championship. I know of many people who would love this opportunity, but since the sport is no longer on our campus those people won’t come to our great school. This hurts our enrollment at the college and the opportunity for student- athletes to represent Wilmington College in wrestling.

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